Bring a bike on a Bus

rider entering bus with bike loaded on ART transit bus bike rack

Asheville Rides Transit (ART) buses are equipped with bicycle racks to hold from two to three bicycles. If the racks are full, two additional bicycles are allowed inside the bus, depending on passenger and wheelchair loads. Only single-rider, two-wheel bicycles are permitted on the bus bicycle racks or in the bus. No motor, tandem or three-wheel bicycles are allowed. There is no age limit for riders using the bicycle racks or bringing bicycles on board the bus. Riders must be able to load and unload their bicycles, both on the bicycle racks and also on the bus.

Want to know how to use this feature? Check out how LOADING and UNLOADING instructions in our video

Or you can visit our Bring a bike on the bus webpage


Notice: There is no guarantee that there will be space on any specific bus for your bicycle.