Victoria Road to be repaved, most of the work done nights and weekends

After recently upgrading water mains to enhance fire safety along Victoria Road, the City of Asheville has started the next phase of infrastructure improvements to the area, which will include repaving the road.


Prior to the paving is work to improve existing stormwater infrastructure. This work will be completed during daytime hours. Lane closures are expected to begin August 27 and will continue to take place through the next week. The maps posted below pinpoint where and when the stormwater improvements will take place.


On August 29, crews will begin resurfacing the roads. In an effort to minimize the disruption for drivers, the resurfacing work will happen overnight, beginning at 7 p.m. and ending by 7 a.m., and during the day on weekends. Most of the resurfacing is expected to be complete in three to four weeks, with stormwater work lasting a bit longer. There will be flagged lane closures during this paving project.


One stretch of the street will be resurfaced at a later time, after the fall installation of a retaining wall to help stabilize a bank. That section, near the entrance to A-B Tech’s lower lot, is expected to be complete this winter.


While the overnight and weekend work schedule will reduce traffic disruptions, evening and early morning travelers will want to take note. Football fans, however, need not worry.


“We didn’t want to inconvenience Cougars fans attending the at-home Asheville High football games, so we adjusted the schedule so we weren’t closing any lanes in the evenings before or after those games,” said Greg Shuler, Public Works Director.


Earlier phase enhanced fire protection

The City of Asheville Water Resources Engineering Division recently completed a major pipe installation project to enhance water hydrant capacity for fire protection along Victoria Road. Major institutions served in this corridor include Mission Hospital, Asheville High School and A-B Tech.

From April through August, crews upgraded a series of 4- to 6-inch water mains, replacing them with a new 12-inch water main along Victoria Road. This important City capital improvement project cost $674,000.
Some 90 percent of the pipe runs under Victoria Road, so the street had to be excavated for the water main replacement. Now it’s time to get the road back in great shape for motorists and bicyclists.