Asheville’s ART buses to resume at full capacity on May 20

asheville transit bus



On Thursday, May 20, ART buses resume full capacity.


In accordance with state and federal regulations regarding COVID-19 safety measures, masks must still be worn on all buses and at all transit facilities.  Free masks are available at the Transit Center and on buses.


Here’s what else you need to know about riding ART buses:

  • Fares remain free for now. Fare collection will begin again on June 1. It costs $1 to ride the bus.  A ticket booklet (11 rides) costs $9 and a monthly pass costs $20. Both are available for purchase at the ART Transit Center, 49 Coxe Ave.
  • The Young Transportation buses will no longer be used to provide back-up services.
  • The ART Transit Station, 49 Coxe Ave., has been completely renovated, including improvements to the interior of the station/lobby, additional outdoor seating, and upgraded lighting, as well as new lighted digital displays boards and public wi-fi.


The renovation project also included a “Photovoltaic Array” (Solar Panels). 180 solar panels were installed on the south facing side of the passenger canopy to create a system designed to produce 90,630 kW hours of electricity per year. For perspective, this would provide enough electricity to power about seven homes. Find out more about that project here.

The Transit Station renovation project supports Asheville City Council goals of 100% renewable energy and implementation of the Transit Master Plan.


Come ride the bus. Thank you for your patience while we were at reduced capacity due to social distancing restrictions due to the pandemic. We look forward to serving you and getting you where you need to be!


If you haven’t already, we invite you to download the Transit app to your smart device, to help plan your trip for better efficiency. Visit the City of Asheville Transit webpage for more information or stop by the ART Transit Center.