Asheville Water Resources to replace water lines in seven areas

Water line installation


Asheville Water Resources has identified seven areas for neighborhood water line replacements from late 2020 through 2021. This includes multiple water lines along bustling South Tunnel Road, which will be transferred to a newer larger existing waterline; 950 lineal feet of water line on Brevard Road; and other projects, including two residential areas in Buncombe County served by the City of Asheville.  


The water line replacements are being done as ongoing maintenance and system improvement. On average, Asheville Water Resources has replaced about 25,000 feet of water lines each year for the past five years.

For this project, Water Resources is investing $4.5 million on construction and engineering services. Workers will be installing 18,500 feet of pipe with this project consisting of 6-inch through 12-inch water lines.

Here’s a list of the projects:

  • Brevard Road Installation of 950 linear feet of water line between Rex Drive and Morningside Drive to replace an older section of water line. This section of Brevard Road will be repaved after construction. 
  • Brookwood Road (North Asheville) This area will have approximately 3,200 linear feet of water line installed along Brookwood Road, Elk Mountain Scenic Highway with all new fire hydrants and water meters. Brookwood Road will be repaved due to the installation of the waterline.  
  • Greely Street and Cove Lane Installation of 600 linear feet of water line with new fire hydrants and water meters. The section of Greely Street and Cove Lane will be repaved as part of this project.   
  • Joe Jenkins Road (Fairview) Installation of 4,000 linear feet of water line with new fire hydrants and water meters.
  • Hazel Mill Road This road will have 1,500 linear feet of water line installed with fire hydrants and new water meters. It will also include 3,000 linear feet of old undersized waterline abandoned that is no longer needed. 
  • Muirfield Subdivision (South Asheville) All roads within the subdivision will have new water lines installed and replaced along with new fire hydrants and water meters. The project will include installation of a total of 6,000 linear feet of water line. Also with this subdivision all roads will be repaved due to the installation of the waterline.
  • South Tunnel Road This area will receive 900 linear feet of water line installation. An old undersized water line will be decommissioned. Multiple waterline services along South Tunnel Road will be transferred to the newer larger, existing waterline.
  • Swannanoa River Road Installation of 1,200 linear feet of water line to connect two systems together between Bryson Street and Caledonia Road. This area will also have new fire hydrants installed.


Residents and property owners in the improvement areas are encouraged to visit for more information or to submit any questions they may have about these projects.


About Asheville Water Resources

The City of Asheville provides water to approximately 60,000 service connections for residential customers, businesses and industries. The City owns 22,000 acres of forested mountain watershed surrounding our primary reservoirs, making it one of the largest municipally owned watersheds in the United States. To manage such an important resource and public service, Asheville Water Resources has a vigorous program of ongoing maintenance and system improvement. This includes:

Water Resources leak detection crews, which rove the system, “listening” for potential underground pipe leaks so they can be addressed before a break occurs.

  • GIS data analysis of areas with frequent breaks, which then become prioritized for pipe replacement as Capital Projects initiatives.
  • Neighborhood water line enhancement areas, as listed above.
  • The North Fork Dam Improvement Project, nearing completion, which will provide our community a safer dam with additional capacity.


For more information, visit the Water Resources webpage on the City of Asheville website.