Asheville water exceeds EPA safe drinking water standards


The City of Asheville has released its 19th annual Water Quality Report, a federally-mandated “report card” designed to educate customers on what is in their drinking water. The City of Asheville is pleased to report that the City’s drinking water continues to surpass all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) safe drinking water standards. The report is available on the Water Resources Department webpage.


“I am proud of this Water Quality Report and the employees who work hard to ensure that our customers receive excellent water quality every day,” said David Melton, Interim Director of the Water Resources Department. “Congress and the EPA have mandated this report and, to a large extent, its format and content. The EPA wants to be sure every community knows what is in its drinking water. The City of Asheville Water Resources Department agrees. The Water Quality Report will increase our customers’ understanding of and confidence in the quality of their water supply and ongoing efforts to maintain the highest standards possible.”

This informative report provides details about water quality provided to the City’s customers as well as where the water comes from and how it is treated. Customers will receive the report in their next water bills and may expect an update of this report each year.

For more information or additional copies of the City of Asheville’s 2016 Annual Water Quality Report, call the City of Asheville Customer Services Division at 828-251-1122.