Asheville residents can find information about upcoming development with new online notification tool  

development notification photo illustration


In a time of development and growth, Asheville residents have asked how they can stay better informed about upcoming projects.

We heard you and are pleased to roll out a new online tool residents can use to stay informed about upcoming development such as major subdivisions, apartment complexes, retail establishments and hotels. The site contains specific information about opportunities for public participation in the development process. Best of all, you can sign up to receive notifications when a development application is submitted for land in your area. 


The new development tool is embedded in the City’s Simplicity search engine. This site, which contains all sorts of neighborhood and City services information, now also has a development tab. Click on “Development” in the lower right-hand corner to find our all new Large-Scale Development webpage. This page includes information on project types, the development process, and how and when the community can get involved. 


Brought to you by the City’s Development Services and IT staff, creation of this tool was informed by surveying our residents about their preferences regarding development notification. Based on the survey data, staff developed this new notification tool that allows for opt-in email notifications of development applications submitted to the City based on geographic preferences.


These notifications will lead residents to detailed informational pages about the submitted applications for development approval.


 The  Large-Scale Development webpage also links to detailed, user-friendly pages and resources regarding the development review, engagement and approval process in the City of Asheville.


Want to get notifications about developments near you or for the entire city? Sign up here.


If you prefer to not get emails and to simply check in on development from time to time you can always visit this data-rich development webpage


This development notification tool will continue to be updated as we receive feedback and suggestions.  If you have any ideas for improvements or features you would like us to consider, please tell us here