Asheville customers asked to conserve water usage

Conserve water



Asheville Water Resources continues to make improvements at its water treatment facilities. Current circumstances, combined with hot, dry weather, have produced water demand at a level that will be difficult to sustain. For this reason, the City of Asheville is asking our customers to take voluntary water conservation measures.


You can reduce usage the following ways:  

  • Stop outdoor watering, especially automatic irrigation of lawns and golf courses. 
  • Consider waiting to fill or refill pools until after June 14.
  • Use automatic car washes to remove dirt/pollen from your vehicle.
  • Wash only full loads of laundry.
  • Use the dishwasher to wash all dishes (if you have one).

As the improvements at our water treatment plants come to completion Asheville Water Resources will be able to provide sufficient water to all service areas.


And the good news is cooler, wetter weather is coming our way with highs forecast in the 70s and 60s here in the mountains over the weekend into next week.


Because of our careful management of water, the Asheville Water Resources has not had to instate mandatory water restrictions in decades. We appreciate your cooperation with requested voluntary water conservation at this time.


Thanks, Asheville!