Composting comes to Thomas Wolfe Auditorium!


A triple-stream recycle/compost/landfill program has just launched at USCC’s Thomas Wolfe Auditorium. Instead of two bins to dispose of your concession trash, there are now three.

So what goes in what? Here’s a guide.



  •         Plastic bottles
  •         Cans
  •         Glass bottles



  •         All cups
  •         Cup carriers
  •         Food waste
  •         Plates
  •         Bowls
  •         Utensils



  •         Candy boxes and wrappers
  •         Condiment packets
  •         Foil wrappers
  •         Diapers

The City’s Office of Sustainability launched this composting pilot program in the auditorium. “If this program goes well it could expand to the whole U.S. Cellular Center and perhaps to other City facilities as well,” said Sustainability Officer Amber Weaver.


This pilot program has been made possible through a grant to the City from the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality’s (DEQ’s) Community Waste Reduction and Recycling (CWRAR) Program. The City received $20,000 for the grant.


Now that the composting pilot is launched, look for the triple stream waste stations throughout the Thomas Wolfe Auditorium. Signage on the stations will help guide users on how to dispose of materials properly.


So pitch in and please use the new composting bins! Composting diverts materials from the landfill, which extends the life of the landfill. For more information on waste reduction practices, visit the Sanitation Division’s recycling webpage.