Asheville City Council reprises consent agenda for the record

Open meetings graphic


Due to broadcasting difficulties during the Sept. 28 City Council meeting, the Oct. 12 Council agenda will reprise the full consent agenda from the Sept. 28 City Council meeting, as the vote on these items was not broadcast or recorded in open virtual session. In order to ensure full transparency and to comply with North Carolina open meetings law, the Oct. 12 Council agenda will, therefore, contain both those items from the previous consent agenda as well as those items being considered by the Council for the first time.  Pursuant to City County rules of procedure, the Council will vote on both consent agenda portions simultaneously in virtual open session which will also be duly recorded on video for the record. 


For safety and to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, Asheville City Council meetings remain in remote format and accessible to the public in accordance with N.C. General Statute § 166A-19.24(f) . The meetings are streamed live in real time through the City’s Virtual Engagement Hub and on the City’s YouTube channel, where they are also archived. However, due to the broadcast issue, a portion of the Sept. 28 Consent Agenda was neither streamed nor recorded.