Community Input request on Nasty Branch Greenway historic signs extended to April 1, 2023

The City of Asheville requests input from past and current Southside residents on the Nasty Branch Greenway historic sign drafts. Input will be collected through a survey that will close on April 1, 2023. Additionally, those who would prefer to give input by phone can reach out to Hayley Burton at 828-232-4564 or, by April 1 2023.

The City is seeking first person memories of what the Southside was like before it was razed. The goal is to honor the Southside neighborhood, its community of people, and its African American heritage. We ask the Southside Community to share experiences to aid in the creation of the signs for the Nasty Branch Greenway. 

Please click here for a draft of the signs. Each page of the PDF found at this link represents individual sign drafts.  Input from longtime Southside residents helped create the initial design of the panels to be placed along the greenway. The panels explore the stories of the community and its historic role in Asheville.  Designs are not yet final:  your will influence and expand the information presented on the signs.

The “Nasty Branch Greenway” is a .75 mile paved walking path that is expected to begin construction this year. The greenway will include a series of signs throughout the path that tells the story of the Southside before Urban Renewal in the late 60s and early 70s.