Happy World Environmental Education Day from the WNC Nature Center

World Environment Day


World Environmental Education Day was conceived in 1972 to celebrate, learn, and help the planet that supports us.  At the WNC Nature Center, we aim to reach these goals all year.  The Nature Center is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA).  As AZA members, we adhere to the most rigorous standards for animal care and wellbeing, as well as environmental education.  Less than 10% of facilities licensed to exhibit wildlife by the USDA are accredited by AZA.  

The WNC Nature Center offers environmental education programs for the community and visitors to connect with the natural communities around us.  Our Education and Guest Services Team Members use three main messages when doing this work:

  1. Every animal has a job to do and those jobs help us.
  2. Every animal has a story.
  3. We can help.

Our educational programs are customized to the animal species and ecology concepts being conveyed.  Our goal is to showcase how a particular species helps humans, tell an individual animal’s story, and/or identify specific actions we can take to help that species. Between the many amazing abilities our mountain species possess, and the dedication of our highly trained team, guests to the Center can have one of a kind experiences.