The City of Asheville requires our local government employees to comply with all laws and ethical standards. For this reason, the City has a process for reporting potential wrongdoing by City employees. Some examples may include possible fraud, theft, waste, abuse, illegal or unethical behavior by City staff, or mismanagement of City funds.

The City of Asheville has contracted with Navex Global to operate and manage an “Ethics Hotline.” All calls are answered and handled by a Navex Global trained interview specialist. Callers to the hotline are never speaking with a City employee.

The City encourages this proactive approach to eliminate any unethical or illegal behavior by City government employees.


To report wrongdoing, you can:

Remaining anonymous is optional when reporting wrongdoing.



Anyone. The call can be anonymous. Residents will not be speaking with a City employee. Calls will be answered by an interview specialist with Navex Global.


After dialing 855-390-0136, callers will be asked in a pre-recorded greeting to choose English or Spanish.

  1. An interview specialist with Navex Global will explain the reporting process.
  2. The interviewer will ask the individual if they are calling about a previous report or making a new report.
  3. The caller will be asked for their location, the nature of the call, and their relationship to the City.
  4. The caller will be asked if they would like to report anonymously; if not, they will be asked for their name and contact information.
  5. The incident being reported will be documented in full, including details of the incident, how long it has been occurring, and how the person submitting the report found out about it.
  6. The interviewer will then provide a summary of the report back to the caller to verify the information.
  7. The incident is assigned a password and report key, which the caller can use to follow up on the incident if they choose to do so.
  8. A report of the incident is forwarded to the City of Asheville for investigation and follow-up.


  • Theft of City property – money, materials, time
  • Waste or abuse of City property
  • Fraud
  • Inappropriate or unethical behavior by a City employee or employees


  • Matters that should be directed through the Customer Service office, the Asheville App, or a specific City department – please see below.

Customer Service


Please call customer service for issues including: missed collection for trash or brush, roll cart issues, illegal dumping or littering, and overgrown lots; stormwater drainage issues and flooding; potholes, graffiti, sidewalk hazards, trees in the right-of-way, and snow removal; and water service questions, or to pay a water or stormwater bill.

Asheville App

Please use the Asheville App to report issues with city upkeep such as missed trash or recycling pickups, potholes, sidewalk issues, street light outages, vandalized street signs, and more:

  • Find parking – find out how many parking spaces are currently available at each City garage
  • Use Simplicity – enter your address to find out your trash pickup day, property details, road maintenance, and more
  • Report a parking or traffic concern
  • Report a trash or recycling concern
  • Report a water leak
  • Report a code violation or nuisance
  • Report a street or sidewalk concern
  • Request homeless assistance – to report homeless activity to help point the City of Asheville’s outreach partners and/or crisis response team to the individual or group and connect them to services through partner agencies
  • Report a parks concern
  • Report a stormwater/drainage issue
  • Report a transit (Asheville Rides Transit) concern – route, bus stop, or other transit-related concerns or suggestions
  • Ask general questions that do not fit into one of the above categories

Department-Specific Issue or Complaint

Please direct department-specific issues or complaints to the department in question.