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Clean water (healthy concept)

Teachers and Educators


children tossing leaves in the air, with reservoir in background
Students enjoy learning about the history of Asheville’s watershed.

The City of Asheville Water Resources Department has an education program. We offer tours of our water treatment plants, as well as lessons on the environment and water quality. Our education program coordinator is available for classroom presentations, or you can arrange to visit our education room. We can customize lessons to meet your needs, while adhering to NC Curriculum Standards.

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Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Customers


Customers who spend $5,000 or more on water annually

The Water Resources Department offers a no-cost water efficiency assessment program to help reduce water use and control costs. These on-site water assessments are conducted by Waste Reduction Partners (WRP) and provide a road map to water efficiency. The program is a customer service benefit sponsored by the city to promote sound and efficient utilization of our water resource.

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Additional Information


To learn more and “initiate a project” visit the Waste Reduction Partners website.


Updated 11/13/2019