Get or renew a dog license

The City of Asheville’s Animal Ordinance requires that dogs must be licensed
every year on January 1.


The fee is $10.00 and all dogs must have a city license by the age of six months. The city license tag, and a current rabies tag, must be displayed on the dog at all times.


Cats are not required to have a city license or to wear tags; however cat owners should be prepared to provide proof of current rabies vaccination.


In an effort to increase efficiency in the licensing and re-licensing of dogs that live within the city limits, the City of Asheville has partnered with animal license registration provider, PetData Inc. All pet licensing and re-licensing may be handled online at or by US Mail.


Dog license tags will no longer be available for sale at City Hall.


The City of Asheville’s tethering regulations: Ordinance 3795 – Unattended tethering of dogs prohibited.