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The City is implementing the first phase of the Municipal Climate Action Plan [MCAP], which was approved by City Council at their March 28, 2023 meeting.

The MCAP updated the 2009 Sustainability Management Plan to incorporate new policies and resolutions, identify the top 22 most impactful, equitable, and feasible activities, and create a roadmap for accomplishing the three adopted goals and building the City’s resilience.


On June 8, 2021, City Council voted unanimously to enter into a contract with AECOM to develop the MCA. AECOM was considered the most qualified organization to address both climate resiliency and carbon mitigation and partnered with Asheville-based FernLeaf Interactive. 


AECOM used a five-step approach, as outlined below, to develop the MCAP.

Fall/Winter 2021

  • Step 1 – Discovery: AECOM and the City aligned on project goals while AECOM researched existing City sustainability goals and actions.

Winter 2021 – Spring 2022

  • Step 2 – Engagement: AECOM interviewed selected City staff members to gain additional insight into the City’s accomplishments, barriers, and opportunities, and met with the Sustainability Advisory Committee on Energy and the Environment (SACEE) to discuss prioritization factors.

Spring 2022

  • Step 3 – Assessment: AECOM used the gathered information to perform a gap analysis, best-practice review, and creation of a list of high-impact climate action opportunities.

Fall 2022

  • Step 4 – Prioritization: AECOM worked with the City to prioritize the top 22 actions using a framework to determine the highest impact, most equitable, and most feasible options.

Winter 2022 – 2023

  • Step 5 – MCAP Development: The project team developed an implementation timeline including project cost estimates, staff capacity requirements, and anticipated resources required to implement the MCAP. 

Spring 2023

  • The MCAP was sent to City Council for review on March 28,  2023, and now informs much of the climate related work undertaken by the City.


Supporting Documents

Municipal Climate Action Plan

August 22, 2023 Environment & Safety Meeting Recording (MCAP Implementation Update)

Resolution 23-70 Adoption of Municipal Climate Action Plan

March 28, 2023 City Council Meeting Recording

March 28, 2023 Staff Report for City Council

March 28, 2023 Environment & Safety Committee Meeting Recording

February 28, 2023 Environment & Safety Committee Meeting Recording

February 21, 2023 Sustainability Advisory Committee Meeting Recording

Scope of Work


Contact Information

Bridget Herring, Sustainability Director 




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The City of Asheville has a strong record and long-standing commitment to sustainability. The Sustainability Department was created in 2008 to integrate sustainable design, technology, and practice into municipal operations, infrastructure, and services. The Sustainability Department is responsible for incorporating City Council’s Strategic Goals and City Resolutions pertaining to sustainability within the organization.   Doing the Work Listed [...]