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The Municipal Climate Action Plan [MCAP] will incorporate all new additions of policies and resolutions while creating a roadmap on how to accomplish adopted goals and identify those most impactful at carbon mitigation and climate resiliency. Additionally, the MCAP must also incorporate an equity perspective on how to select and manage projects, as well as identifying funding requirements for implementation.

AECOM is presently working on the  engagement process which includes three group interviews with City staff that hold deep experience creating and implementing existing plans and policies in order to gather knowledge on the City’s climate and sustainability goals, achievements, climate justice initiatives, and funding. Engagement will also include two meetings with SACEE, with the first meeting to gain feedback on prioritization factors, and the second meeting to review the draft MCAP. 


At the June 8 City Council meeting, City Council voted unanimously to enter into a contract with AECOM to update the City’s Sustainability Management Plan into a Municipal Climate Action Plan.

The purpose of the Municipal Climate Action Plan is to bring together the City’s 2009 Sustainability Management Plan, updated resolutions, and newly adopted resolutions around climate resiliency and climate justice.

The Municipal Climate Action Plan will incorporate the City’s climate resilience work along with recently adopted climate resolutions; address high-impact projects – and associated fiscal impacts to build a more resilient organization; and continue to address the City’s goals for carbon mitigation.

AECOM was selected as the most qualified in addressing both climate resiliency and carbon mitigation through their diverse staff and sustainability projects nationwide. AECOM is a global leader in integrated sustainability and climate planning, leveraging a proven process to identify and prioritize actionable opportunities that keep clients moving toward their goals. AECOM will partner with FernLeaf Interactive, based in Asheville, which has deep experience helping clients achieve climate solutions.



AECOM’s proposed approach includes five tasks, each informing the next and ultimately development of the Municipal Climate Action Plan itself.

During Task 1: Discovery AECOM and the City will align on project goals and AECOM will conduct research into existing City sustainability goals and actions.

In Task 2: Engagement AECOM will interview selected City staff members to gain additional insight regarding the City’s accomplishments, barriers, and other related matters, and also meet with the Sustainability Advisory Committee on Energy and the Environment (SACEE) to discuss prioritization factors.

AECOM will use information gathered in these first two tasks to perform a gap analysis in Task 3: Assessment, which will also involve a best-practice review and culminate in a list of high impact opportunities for climate action.

AECOM will then work with the City to prioritize these actions using a framework developed during Task 4: Prioritize High Impact Options.

Finally, in Task 5: Develop the Municipal Climate Action Plan, the project team will develop the Municipal Climate Action Plan (MCAP or Plan) which will update the SMP with streamlined goals (including those adopted since the SMP), setting forth a roadmap for meeting the City’s climate goals and implementing prioritized actions. 


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