Your input needed to “Close the GAP”

GAP plan art
The Asheville Transportation Department is working identify a network of pedestrian, greenway, and accessibility networks as well as programs and policies to support it.


The City of Asheville is launching a survey for its final round of public engagement in the Close the Gap planning process.



This is the final survey for the Close the GAP project, and the public’s input is needed on proposed project recommendations developed as part of the GAP Plan. The GAP Plan identifies a network of greenway (G), accessibility (A), and pedestrian (P) networks for our community as well as programs and policies to support it. 

This survey will provide individuals with the opportunity to comment on proposed project recommendations. Project recommendations were developed using a scoring methodology to assess pedestrian needs based on safety, connectivity, a destination and equity score, and public input. 

We encourage individuals to participate in this survey and to provide feedback to let us know if we’ve missed anything that should be included in the Plan. The City anticipates presenting the final GAP Plan to City Council for adoption in May 2022. Additional opportunities for public input will become available as the GAP Plan moves into the implementation phase.

The survey can be found at and will be available through March 21, 2022.