WNC Nature Center wolf pups get names ***UPDATE*** Gray wolf exhibit open!


***UPDATE*** Nova and Wayah have acclimated to their new home and their exhibit is now open for WNC Nature Center visitors to view!

Calling them Wolf One and Wolf Two just won’t do, so the gray wolf pups that joined the WNC Nature Center in June have gotten their names. The female (and lighter colored pup) is named Nova, while the male goes by the name Wayah.


The two pups came to the WNC Nature Center from a facility in Bozeman, Montana when they were two months old. They have since been through a quarantine period and have been introduced to the gray wolf exhibit to meet and acclimate to the center’s existing gray wolf female Shalimar. Once that introduction period is through, the wolves will be on display to the public.


The search for the two pups came after the Center’s male gray wolf Cody was euthanized in April following his declining health due to cancer.

Gray wolves are highly social animals, says WNC Nature Center Director Chris Gentile, and introducing new animals to the exhibit was important of the health and well being of Shalimar.

And anyway, it is a pleasure to be able to welcome new guests at the WNC Nature Center. Alongside the wolf pups’ arrival, the Center recently celebrated the addition of two new barn owls, new baby goats and several young chickens.

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