Asheville Asks: Why are local pools only open on weekends?

recreation park pool

With warm weather and summer’s official end not until September 21, some community members are wondering why local public pools transition to a weekends-only schedule in early August. While Asheville Parks & Recreation was able to extend Malvern Hills Pool’s 2022 swim season by a couple of weeks, a combination of factors keep area pools from operating on a daily schedule after the first weekend in August.

Keeping you safe

Most lifeguards at seasonal pools are high school and college students or professionals such as teachers. Sports, extracurricular activities, family vacations, and other life events associated with an approaching school year start to fill these team members’ schedules, leaving less time available to supervise the safety of public pools.

This challenge is further compounded by a nationwide lifeguard and aquatic staff shortage – a trend that has progressively become worse over the last few years. Even agencies in Iowa, Nebraska, and New Jersey that usually operate on a daily basis through Labor Day have ended their seasons early. 

Latest Schedules

Locally, Asheville’s pools began a Saturday and Sunday schedule on August 6. 

  • Malvern Hills Pool closes after August 21 
  •  Recreation Park Pool closes on Labor Day.

Buncombe County’s pools also began a Saturday and Sunday schedule on August 6 with two of its pools closing that weekend. 

  • Hominy Valley and Cane Creek pools close after August 14 
  • Erwin Pool closes on Labor Day. 

Black Mountain Pool remains open daily through August 28; it is open September 3-5 with private pool parties available on weekends through October 2.

Asheville Parks & Recreation’s team is hopeful that future pool seasons can be maximized just as Malvern Hills Pool’s operations were able to be extended this summer.