What’s Up AVL! This week learn more about the Less Plastic Asheville Challenge from our Sustainability team

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What’s Up AVL!

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On this episode of What’s Up AVL, host Sam Parada and Sustainability team members Kiera Bulan and Aurora Wynne talk about the Less Plastic Asheville Challenge.


Waht's up AVL host Sam Parada in studio with guest Kiera Bulan and Aurora Wynne. The three sit around a table with mics as they record podcast


The Less Plastic Asheville Challenge encourages residents to reduce their consumption of single-use plastics. The campaign has two components: a social media challenge called Less Plastic Bingo and a Pass on Plastic Pledge.

The City is sharing information on the impacts of single-use plastic on our environment and tips for how our residents can understand and reduce their consumption of single-use plastics. You can find information at tabling events around town and on our social media platforms.

Those participating in the social media challenge can post photos and videos of themselves taking action to reduce single-use plastic consumption. 

Those who take the pledge will make commitments to sustainable lifestyle choices such as using reusable grocery bags and refusing single-use plastics. Residents who participate in either the Less Plastic Bingo Challenge or Pass on Plastic Pledge will win great prizes! 

The Less Plastic Asheville Challenge is LIVE NOW and runs through May 31, 2024. Follow the Less Plastic Asheville Challenge link above to learn more about how you can participate and win. 



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