Wanted! Community video footage of Council and Mayor ceremony.

On Tuesday Dec. 10, the City of Asheville celebrated the swearing in of City Council members and a new mayor, as well as an appreciation of an outgoing mayor. Only minutes before that event, the city’s broadcasting and video equipment suffered a technical issue that shut down cameras in the City Council Chamber and the live stream to the internet. Fortunately, the cameras, audio, and live feed were restored in time to broadcast this important event to the community.

Unfortunately, the malfunction also affected the video recording capability leaving us with only audio files of the ceremony and the statements made by Council members.

And that’s where this unusual request comes in! As would be expected, there were a lot of people who came to City Hall to mark this occasion, and many brought video cameras and smart phones to record the event. As we would like to commemorate the event on our web site and have a memento for our archives, the City of Asheville is asking members of the public who attended the ceremony for their video and still photo submissions of the ceremony. We will take the footage and photos and edit them together into a montage to play over the audio recording.

If you have video footage or photos you would like to submit, please send your email address to bpostelle@ashevillenc.gov and we will send you an invite to post content to the city’s online Dropbox account (submissions will not be public until editing is complete). Or, if you have your own Dropbox account, you can send a “share” invite to bpostelle@ashevillenc.gov and we can retrieve files from there.

Any quality or angle is appreciated, but larger photo files will have better quality. And if we use your media, we will credit you in a “Thanks to…” frame at the end of the video.

This is an important occasion for the community and with your submissions we can create a video with a true community character.