USS Asheville Commander and Officers visit City Hall exhibit

The Commander and several officers of the USS Asheville visited an exhibit at Asheville City Hall dedicated to the naval vessels that have borne that name throughout history.

Commander Doug Bradley, alongside Petty Officer Anh Tinh, Lieutenant Aaron O’Hern and Petty Officer David Christensen visited the exhibit located in the lobby of City Hall on Tuesday. Commander Bradley was the keynote speaker for Monday’s Memorial Day service held in Pack Square Park. The visit was organized by Ken Vasilik from the Mayor’s Committee on Veterans Affairs. Vasilik is a retired Naval CEC Captain.

Four ships have had the name USS Asheville since 1920, the most recent being a Los Angeles-class submarine. The Walter F. Ashe USS Asheville exhibit at Asheville City Hall pays tribute to all of these vessels and displays a collection of photos, uniforms, pennants and other artifacts as well as models of the ships.