Update on Boards and Commissions Restructure – Pilot Proposal

City of Asheville staff has compiled all of the input received so far in the process and reviewed it for themes that can be found here on the project page.  Following the themes on the page, there is an opportunity to provide input.

The Information was collected from:

  • 2 Focus Groups with Chair/Vice Chairs and community stakeholders
  • 4 Workshops with a total of 81 participants
  • Emails, voicemails and conversations

All documentation can be found in the materials folder, also located on the project page. 

All input that has been collected so far will be used to make adjustments to the current proposal and will be provided to the working group to use in the co-creation for the plan for working groups. 

Want to join in on the process?  Email us at restructurepilot@publicinput.com

Next Steps

  • Continue gathering input from the community
  • Begin restructure working group – mid to late April 
  • Make adjustments to staff proposal
  • City Council work session to review and consider a Pilot 

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