The Community Reparations Commission releases draft recommendations

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The Community Reparations Commission has been meeting since April of 2022 to develop short, medium, and long term recommendations. A batch of draft recommendations has been released. The recommendations align with the five impact focus areas of the commission: housing, economic development, criminal justice, education, and health & wellness. These draft recommendations are not final and the Community Reparations Commission has not yet voted to move them forward to City Council and the County Commissioners for a vote.

The community is invited to provide initial feedback on these draft recommendations. The input will be a resource that the Community Reparations Commission can use to inform upcoming votes on recommendations the commission decides to move forward to City Council and the County Commission for consideration.

City Council and the County Commission will vote on recommendations once they are finalized by the Community Reparations Commission and they are prioritized by short, medium and long term.  

These draft recommendations reflect the work of five Impact Focus Area group meetings that serve as initial forums where a great deal of work has been done to deeply explore and analyze the harms done to Black Asheville. 

To learn more about the Community Reparations Commission, including the schedule of regular meetings, impact focus area meetings, and draft recommendations or to sign up for regular updates, visit