The City of Asheville Water Department needs your participation creating a service line inventory

water service line
Water Department inspects a water service line


The City of Asheville needs participation from all water customers.

The Environmental Protection Agency  (EPA) now requires drinking water utilities to have a service line inventory of both the customer and utility side of the water meter.  The City of Asheville is conducting a survey of all customer homes and businesses to meet this requirement.

The customer side of the service line connects from the water meter to the home/business on the customer’s property. The utility side of the service line connects the water main in the street to the water meter.  

This inventory will allow us to identify any area of concern involving lead pipes on customer properties which may require further testing.  It’s important to know the City of Asheville has monitored the water system for lead by random sampling since 1997 and has never found a significant issue.


What can you do?

Participate in the City of Asheville Service Line Survey

The City of Asheville Water Department’s goal is to have a complete and accurate water service line inventory as soon as possible, and we cannot do this without customer participation.  


We are asking for your help to determine the material on the privately-owned (customer) side of the service line. 

If you already know what your service line material is, please go to option 1 below. 

If you do not, that’s ok, there are two easy ways to determine your service line material.  It only involves going into your basement or crawl space to see what type of pipe is entering your home.  We have a quick video that can help determine where the service line enters the home and the type of material.  

Option 1 – If you already know what material your service line is, please select the link for option 1 to fill out a quick survey. 

Option 2 – Watch the video (above) to determine your service line material.  Once you have determined your material, please click on the survey link to enter your information. 

Option 3 – Still not sure? Sign up for an appointment  (choose from first drop down) and water department staff can visit your home to see where your water line enters the basement or crawl space of your home or business. 


The City strives to ensure safe, clean water

The City of Asheville’s water has consistently been verified as safe and clean, and these new regulations should not be cause for concern among our community. Customers may be impacted by construction, water quality sampling, and/or remediation practices, throughout the implementation of the revision. The City of Asheville is dedicated to providing proactive communication and transparency throughout the inventory and survey process.

Read frequently asked questions here.


Be in the Know

The Water Department will be using several methods of communication to keep our community updated. 

You can find information on our City of Asheville Lead Awareness project page 

We also suggest you sign up for AVL Alerts here: AVL Alert Sign Up

And you can always email directly at: