The Asheville Fire Department trains for forcible entry in emergencies

Utilizing prop obstacles and cutting equipment, the Asheville Fire Department trained at a warehouse in Swannanoa June 20-22 on techniques to enter structures that are locked or guarded by bars or garage doors.

AFD Division Chief of Safety & Training Barry Hendren says:

“One of a Ladder Company’s primary functions when they respond to a fire is forcible entry into a structure. The door prop that is being used was purchased by our Firefighter’s Association; it simulates several different types of doors that you may come in contact with in the field. Another part of forcible entry into a structure is using rotary power saws or “K-12’s.” Every Ladder truck carries one of these saws and they are used for cutting metal, like burglar bars on windows, metal garage doors, or chains.

“The cutting prop was designed and built by our firefighters and will allow us to practice these skills regularly. We have been able to train all of our Ladder Companies and our Rescue Company this week on both props to ensure that, when we have to perform these skills at an incident, all of the personnel assigned to do so will be prepared.” (Click photos to expand.)