Spotlight on Boards and Commissions

Looking for a great way to get involved in local government and play a part in shaping the future of Asheville? Serving on an Asheville City Council Board or Commission is a great place to start. More than 250 people serve on 35 advisory boards and help guide policy decisions for the City of Asheville.

Each month, in the interest of engaging with the public, we offer a profile of one of these valuable advisory boards. To see a list of openings on Council Boards and Commissions through 2014, click here.

Council Board and Commission profile: Recreation Advisory Board

Formed in: 1964
Number of members: Nine
Term: Three years

With more than 60 parks and facilities, the City of Asheville’s parks and recreation system represents the city’s third largest budget item. Thousands of people enjoy the city’s parks or participate in recreational programs hosted a community centers and special facilities each week, and the parks represent some of the most visible resources offered by the City of Asheville.

The Recreation Advisory Board takes on a host of responsibilities that add to the city’s ever growing network of public recreational spaces.

“I think it’s incredible that we have so many facilities in a city this size,” says board chair Wayne Wheeler.

Wheeler, who has served on the Recreation Advisory Board since 2009, has seen recommendations cross Asheville City Council’s desk such as the ban on smoking in city parks, and says serving on a board or commission is an excellent way to learn more about Asheville. “I think it’s good for citizens to get involved,” he says. “I’ve learned a lot about Asheville, parks and recreation and other parts of the city just by being part of this.”

In the past couple of years, the Recreation Advisory Board deliberated and voted on issues from greenway expansion to design plans for the Dr. Wesley Grant, Sr. Southside Center to deferred maintenance projects in city parks.

“Asheville’s parks are a remarkable community resource,” says Debbie Ivester, Assistant Director of the Parks, Recreation and Cultural Arts Department. “And the Recreation Advisory Board is an excellent example of how community leaders can have very visible results.”

The City of Asheville is currently advertising for applicants for the Recreation Advisory Board as well as the ABC Board and the Police Advisory Committee. Applications are due by November 6. If you would like to apply for any of these boards or commissions, contact the City Clerk at (828) 259-5601 or or follow this link for more information.