Splasheville to reopen Monday, after being closed for Goombay

The good news: Asheville’s vibrant Goombay festival returns to Pack Square Park Friday through Sunday, Sept. 9-11. Filled with music, food and cultural heritage the event serves as a kind of homecoming for many Asheville residents.

The parade that begins at 10 a.m. Saturday, stepping off from Pritchard Park, features dancers, drummers and costumed stilt walkers. Here is a video from a previous Asheville Goombay parade.


Splasheville affected

The other news however is that Splasheville will be closed the entire weekend. Parents please take note and don’t bring disappointed children down to the park during Goombay. Festivals have the option to have the splash play fountain closed during their events. Some choose to leave Splasheville running, and for logistical reasons others do not.

So plan now. Splasheville may be closed but the sights and sounds of Goombay will be ringing through the park, Sept. 9-11.

Visit the Goombay site for details on the festival.