Small Scale Development Workshop coming to Asheville


A little over a year ago, the City of Asheville updated zoning regulations in order to allow for a greater variety of housing and to encourage more efficient land use patterns.

The changes adopted by City Council reduced lot dimensional standards by 20% and gave incentives to allow for more housing units in multi-family zoning districts. (These changes can be reviewed on the City’s webpage for small-scale residential infill development at this link.)


On Oct. 11, our residents have a chance to learn how to take advantage of these changes by participating in a one-day workshop that will train aspiring individuals to take the first steps to make a small-scale development project a reality. The City of Asheville is a co-sponsor.


The workshop is brought to Asheville by the Incremental Development Alliance (IDA), a nonprofit that focuses on making neighborhoods better through small-scale, well-designed projects that serve the local community. The IDA is “working toward a more generative real estate model, where local people can invest in their own neighborhoods and in that process, create new life and value that benefits their community.”


The day-long workshop will cover all aspects of small-scale real estate development, including understanding the benefits of small-scale projects, project types and models, market research and site selection, zoning, site planning, design, financial documents, financing, buying a property and so on.


The City of Asheville supports this effort to inspire what may be a whole new class of local real estate developers, including some who may plan, develop and manage housing alternatives in their own neighborhoods.



Workshop details

When: 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Oct. 11

Where: U.S. Cellular Center, 87 Haywood St, Asheville

Cost: $219-$249 (Lunch is included)

Registration and workshop schedule: