Help shape Asheville by serving on a City board or commission

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Looking for a way to get involved in local government and play
a part in shaping the future of Asheville? Serving on
a City of Asheville board or commission is a great place to start.


More than 250 people serve on 35 advisory boards and help guide policy decisions for the City of Asheville. Put your perspective, leadership and knowledge to work by serving on one of many City advisory committees.

Currently there are openings on six committees or boards.

For an application form, please visit of City’s Boards and Commissions webpage or contact the City Clerk’s Office at 828-259-5839 or

The deadline to apply is 5 p.m. Feb. 3, unless otherwise noted.


Current openings


CIVIC CENTER COMMISSION: Some duties of the Commission include (1) reviewing and making recommendations on programming goals and objectives for each venue in the Civic Center; (2) establishing a method for handling of customer service complaints; (3) developing and making recommendations regarding long range plans for the Civic Center; (4) reviewing and making recommendations on proposals for changes in the fees and charges for use of Civic Center facilities; (5) encouraging promotion of sports, recreation, entertainment and cultural events and activities, and to facilitate the use of the services and facilities of the Civic Center; and (6) performing other such tasks and functions as the City Council may direct.

GREENWAY COMMITTEE: This vacancy is open until filled. The Committee functions as an advisory board to the Multimodal Transportation Commission and City staff on implementation of a system of greenways within Asheville.  The Committee’s role is to function as an advisory committee to the City’s greenway program while educating and engaging the public and advocating for funding. The Greenway Committee consists of at least seven members and up to eleven members. All are appointed by the Multimodal Transportation Commission. The term of office is three years.  For an application form, please visit the Greenway Committee webpage or contact Lucy Crown.

MULTIMODAL TRANSPORTATION COMMISSION: This vacancy must be a person with demonstrated transit interests; please indicate interest and background in the application form.  The person appointed to this seat may also be appointed as a member of the Transit Committee. Members shall possess expertise and interest in the sustainability and development of multimodal transportation and demonstrate willingness to participate actively.  Duties of the commission include, but are not limited to: (1) recommend policies for the development/ integration of multimodal transportation planning and education to the City; (2) assist with the development of a multimodal transportation system; and (3) assist the City with the implementation of best management practices for educating the public on the benefits of multimodal transportation.

RECREATION BOARD: The Board advises City Council on various matters pertaining to the operation of park facilities and recreation programs within the City of Asheville, to make policy recommendations to City Council, and to carry out duties as may be assigned to them by City Council.

TRANSIT COMMITTEE: This vacancy is open until filled. The Committee functions as an advisory board to the Multimodal Transportation Commission and to the City staff on matters affecting the transit system and its operation.  The Transit Committees consists of at least seven members and up to eleven members. All Transit Committee members are appointed by the Multimodal Transportation Commission. The terms of office are three years. For an application form, please visit the Transit webpage or contact Transit Project Coordinator, Marcela Moreno.

URBAN FORESTRY COMMISSION (formerly called the Tree Commission): The purpose of the Commission is to foster the preservation, planting, replacement and removal of trees without denying the reasonable use and enjoyment of real property.  The Commission’s responsibilities include: facilitate the planting, growth and protection of trees within the City; foster the communication and coordination among the citizens of the City that would provide the needed support for protection of trees within the City; and conduct continuing research, planning and feasibility assessments required to support the purposes of the Commission.


Unless otherwise stated, the application deadline for these vacancies is 5 p.m. Feb. 3. 


Application process

  • Determine which board or commission interests you: Board and commission meetings are open to the public, so potential applicants are encouraged to sit in on monthly meetings. Meeting dates, times and locations vary, and are available on individual web pages.
  • Complete an application: Apply here for a board or commission. Note there is an additional application form if you are interested in serving on the Human Relations Commission.
  • Confirm receipt: After your application is received, you will receive a receipt of application e-mail. If you do not receive that receipt within a day after submittal, please contact Deputy City Clerk Sarah Terwilliger by email or 828-259-5839 to make sure that your application has reached the City Clerk’s Office.
  • Wait for a vacancy if one is not currently open: Once an application is received, the city will place your name on the resource list for the particular board. Applications are held on file for consideration for one year.
  • Interview: When vacancies occur, the City Council will review the resource list and schedule interviews. You will be contacted directly if it is necessary for you to interview for an appointment.