Sculpture chosen for Lexington Avenue public art installation

The new public artwork will be installed at 65 N. Lexington Ave., a spot adjacent to several retail establishments.

The 15-foot-high new public artwork by Beatrice Coron
will be installed at 65 N. Lexington Ave.


A thriving downtown Asheville street will become even more vibrant this year with the installation of a new piece of public art on Lexington Avenue.


The City of Asheville is pleased to announce that, after a competitive process, a metal sculpture entitled Lexington Life Column by Beatrice Coron was selected by the jury team appointed by the City’s Public Art & Cultural Commission. The architectural column is designed to honor Lexington Avenue’s history and highlight its eclectic vibrance.


The new public artwork will be installed at 65 N. Lexington Ave., a spot adjacent to several retail establishments. Lexington Avenue was chosen because of its designation by the American Planning Association (APA) as one of five great streets on the organization’s 2016 Great Places in America list.


“This public art process is a wonderful collaboration with the Asheville Downtown Association Foundation and the many donors who made this project possible,” said City Neighborhood and Community Engagement Manager Brenda Mills. “The City of Asheville has been honored to lead this process and see this work of art installed later this year.”


“I am looking forward to providing a unique monument to celebrate the exciting renewal of Lexington Avenue,” said Coron, a New York-based artist. “The 10-foot-high column will be visible from a distance. At close range, pedestrians will appreciate the details.”


The Asheville Downtown Association Foundation raised $40,000 to the City for this art installation.


“Lexington Avenue is a ​prime example of Downtown Asheville’s revitalization,” said Ben Colvin, Chair of the Asheville Downtown Association Foundation. “It was slated for demolition under the Strouse Greenberg proposal in the ’80s and the community rose up to save, protect and reinvigorate this section of Downtown. The visionaries behind that opposition are still involved today and the area has a new generation of advocates, business owners, residents and entrepreneurs. This ​art installation ​honors the history​ and the future of our downtown.”


Now that the artist has been selected, she will go to work turning the design into reality. Fabrication is under way and installation is expected in late August.


We’ll be sure to let you know when it’s here! For more information, visit the Lexington Avenue Public Art Project webpage. Or contact Neighborhood & Community Engagement Manager Brenda Mills at 828-259-5506 or