Roger McGuire Green sod to be replaced, closing portion of Pack Square Park for a time

Update on the Roger McGuire Green sod replacement

After a series of rain delays, weather is finally cooperating for the sod replacement project on the Roger McGuire Green.

“We are still waiting for the right weather conditions,” said John A. Gavin, Asheville Parks Planning & Development Manager, said earlier this month.

Gavin had hoped the work would begin the first weekend of March.

“We still have plenty of time to have everything in place by spring, but rest assured that we are pressing the contractor so there will be no unnecessary delays,” Gavin said.

The sod replacement will require the City to close the green off for at least a month. Read all the details below.



Original story

You go there to hear live music, enjoy a festival or sometimes watch a movie. Pack Square Park serves as a focal point for Asheville’s vibrant downtown. This 6.5-acre park that runs from Pack Square to City Hall forms a figurative and sometimes literal village green.


Named in 1900 after George Pack for his donation of land to be used as a public park, Pack Square Park could be called Asheville’s front porch. When it comes to placemaking it’s our ultimate civic space.


Consider the Roger McGuire Green, which runs from South Spruce Street to the Reuter Terrace at the east end of Pack Square Park, where Splasheville and the stage area are in front of City Hall. It was home to 55 special events and festivals in 2015, ranging in size from 100 to 25,000. The largest festivals held there were LEAF Downtown, Independence Day, Shindig on the Green, Beer City Festival, Goombay, Blue Ridge Pride, New Belgium’s Clips Beer & Film Tour, Smoky Mountain Toy Run, Healthy Kids Day and OrganicFest.


Obviously, it’s a much loved and high impact area.


Because it hosts so many special events, attracting thousands of visitors, the turf sustains a considerable amount of wear and tear. Now it’s due for replacement, and this will close off that part of the park for one to two months.


Depending on the weather, sod replacement on the Roger McGuire Green will begin March 5.


“This project is weather and temperature dependent,” said John Gavin, Parks Planning & Development Manager. “It has to be warm enough and not too wet.”


It will only take 2-3 days to till up the soil and lay down the new sod. Then the new grass has to establish strong roots. While a safety fence will be erected around the new sod during this time, the surrounding concrete hardscape area with its benches and walkways will remain open.


Replacing the sod in the offseason will lessen the impact on visitors during the busier months of the year and result in a stronger turf.  The turf in this section of the park was installed in 2010, and now it’s time for replacement.


For more information on the renovation project, visit the City of Asheville Parks & Recreation webpage, follow us on Facebook or call 828-259-5800.


Thank you for your patience while the City works to make this great public space freshly green for 2016. See you in the park!