Recycling day changes to affect 1,400 customers

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Starting in January 2021, the recycling week (A or B week) will change for about 1,400 City of Asheville residents.  The recycling DAY will remain the same, but the alternating WEEK will change.


Residents who will be impacted by this change will receive a sticker on their cart notifying them of their new schedule, and those who are signed up for alerts with AVL Collects will receive a notification. These residents may also notice the change on the calendar mailer they will receive from the Sanitation Division.  For the most up-to-date information on Sanitation schedule changes, go to, check your personalized calendar by entering your address, and sign up for alerts.


No residents with Tuesday collection will be impacted.


Residents in these areas will be affected by the change and should look for a sticker on their cart.


Call Curbside Recycling if you experience any issues with the transition.  828-252-2532

Monday Recycle Customers changing from B week to A week. 

January collection will be 1/4, 1/18, and then every other week thereafter.

Wednesday Recycle Customers changing from A week to B week. 

January collection will be 1/6, 1/13, 1/27, and then every other week thereafter.

Thursday Recycle Customers changing from B week to A week. 

January collection will be 1/7, 1/21, and then every other week thereafter.

Allen St

Brookshire Pl

Brotherton Ave

Burk St

City Homes Pl

Courtney St

Cowan Rd

Dale St

Drake St

Durham St

Emmett Ln

Fairfax Ave

Galax Ave

Gratitude Dr

Greeley St

Grinnell St

High Ct Ext

Holly St

Hubbard Ave

Hudson St

Langwell Ave

Leita Ln

Lilac St

Lufty Ave

Maple St

Montana Ave

Nebraska St

Nevada Ave

New Jersey Ave

Parkman Ave

Pennsylvania Ave (165 – 237 only)

Rich St

State St

Stewart St

Trellis Ct

Virginia Ave

W Oak St

Yale Ave

Alexander Dr

Ardmion Park

Bauhaus Ct

Baxter St

Buchanan Ave

Buchanan Rd

Carroll Ave

Circle St

Clemmons St

College St (501-612 only)

Curve St

Dundee St

Edgehill Ave

George Washington Carver Ave

Grail St

Hazzard St

Hildebrand St

Hunt Hill Pl

Jordan St

Knob St

Latta St

Lincoln Ave W

Martin Luther King Jr. Dr

Max St

Miller St

Mountain St

N Skyloft Dr

Pine St

Ridge St

S Beaumont St

Tuskeegee St

Vance Place Dr

Weaver St

White Fawn Dr

Wynne St

Bellevue Rd

Cady Ct

Cheyenne Ct

Cimarron Dr

Edgewood Rd S

Jan Dr

Le An Hurst Rd

Magnum Way

Mill Stone Dr

Oak Pl

Rock Hill Cir (Johnson Syler MHP)

Rock Hill Pl

Rock Hill Rd (53 – 130 only)

Round Top Rd

Sweeten Way

Whispering Pines (MHP)