Recent statistics show a year on year reduction in property and violent crimes

beauty shot of downtown Asheville shows downtown skyline against blue skies

At the most recent Environment and Safety Committee meeting on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, Asheville Police Department (APD) Chief Lamb and Captain Aardema updated committee members on city-wide crime statistics for the first quarter compared to the same quarter in 2023. 


Good News in Crime Reduction

The comparisons are positive according to APD data.  Statistics show an overall decrease in property crimes and violent crimes and property crime.

Captain Aardema attributes much of that success to the agency’s continued focus on data-driven, pro-active policing efforts and community engagement. 



More sworn officers reduce vacancy numbers

Also improving – the numbers of officers now serving the city.

With 175 sworn officer positions filled, APD’s vacancy rate has been reduced  to just over 27%.  That’s nearly half the number of vacancies as the highest rate in 2023 which came in around 40%.


You can take a deeper dive into the numbers by watching the April 23, 2024 Environment and Safety Committee meeting.