RADTIP southern section greenway construction work to begin in new year

In 2017, the City of Asheville broke ground on the River Arts District Transportation Improvement Project, known as RADTIP. You may have noticed greenway installation work along Riverside Drive between Jean Webb Park and the Craven Street Bridge.

In early January, construction on the southern end of the RADTIP greenway will begin along Lyman Street between Amboy Road and the old 12 Bones location. Before this work begins, we wanted to make everyone aware that this will involve cutting down some trees.


Staff — including City Arborist Mark Foster — walked this stretch to identify many larger trees that can be saved, including river birches, boxelder and sycamore trees. However, in some cases, trees must be removed to make way for the new greenway.

“The purpose of the walk was to see where we could adjust the greenway to save the trees,” said Sara Henry of the City’s Strategic Development Office, which is working with the Capital Improvements Department on the RADTIP project. “In several places we were able have the trail meander a bit so we were able to save some larger trees.”

Staff determined that in some places there was no wiggle room to accommodate both trees and the greenway path.

We are working to minimize traffic  impact along Lyman Street. However, there may be intermittent lane closures. Because some of the trees slated for removal are so close to the roadway, there will be times that traffic will be temporarily stopped for public safety. The tree cutting has begun so be aware of this when traveling through this area.

While RADTIP construction will involve the removal of trees from time to time, the project will also incorporate the planting of more than 3,000 landscape and street trees.



The River Arts District Transportation Improvement Project (RADTIP) is a major roadway and greenway construction project along the east side of the French Broad River in Asheville’s River Arts District. The 2.2-mile improvement includes a continuous multi-use path along the river. It will also incorporate drainage systems for stormwater, wide sidewalks, bike lanes and additional parking. Also, intersections will be improved for better traffic flow.


A few more impacts

Also in January, RADTIP construction will move to the train trestle bridge along Riverside Drive. The street will be milled, lowering the road to create more room for trucks to pass under the trestle. This will involve lane closures (as opposed to entire street closures). Staff expects this to be a 60- to 90-day process.

While RADTIP construction will continue to impact the River Arts District through its anticipated completion in 2020, the City is working to help support RAD businesses during this time. Earlier this fall, the Office of Strategic Development worked with River Arts District businesses to place gateway signs saying, “Improvements Ahead: We Are Open.” We want to communicate to locals and visitors alike that the RAD studios, galleries and other businesses welcome your business and are indeed open during the RADTIP construction phase.


Want more information?

Visit ashevillenc.gov/River for construction updates and more RADTIP details.