Q&A with City Manager Gary Jackson

Asheville City Manager Gary Jackson will begin his 10th year in the position starting in June. The Citizen-Times Editorial Board sat down with Jackson on May 4 to discuss his tenure with the city and his vision for the community going forward. Here is an excerpt of the conversation:

Question: Have you hit the mark on your goals over the last 10 years?

Answer: “In terms of team building and communication, as well as building the relationships with other intergovernmental agencies and building teamwork within the council, those things continue to be priorities. I see within each of those significant progress and still work to be done.
“We have effectively opened the doors in City Hall and have much more community engagement, have much more understanding of community interest.
“We’re not waiting for people to come beating on the doors or rioting in the streets trying to make a point. There’s active outreach and engagement … I feel like there’s a lot more alignment, and more of a partnership between the elected officials and the organization and getting things done.”

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The article appears on page A9 of the May 11, 2015, Citizen-Times.

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Photo by the Asheville Citizen-Times