Office of Sustainability will work with consultant to develop Municipal Climate Action Plan

Green energy concept with Planet Earth and electric plug on lush grass

At the June 8 City Council meeting, City Council voted unanimously to enter into a contract with environmental strategy firm AECOM to update the City’s Sustainability Management Plan into a Municipal Climate Action Plan [MCAP].


The purpose of the Municipal Climate Action Plan is to update the City’s 2009 Sustainability Management Plan with newly adopted resolutions around climate resiliency, and climate justice. Below are the additional policies that have been adopted by Asheville City Council since the adoption of the Sustainability Management Plan in 2009:


The Municipal Climate Action Plan will address high-impact projects to build a more resilient organization and continue to address the City’s goals for carbon mitigation.

The development of a roadmap to implement a Municipal Climate Action Plan will allow the City to better understand the resources required to fulfill the City’s commitments to address the climate crisis and keep the City on track for a just climate transformation. This roadmap is specifically designed to address City operations and the role the City plays to achieve community-wide goals.

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