New Council Committees – effective January 2023

At the November 15, 2022, City Council meeting, Council adopted a new Council Committee structure, effective January 2023.

Committees were first introduced in 2006 and have remained largely unchanged, thus, the need for an updated structure. In December, Mayor Manheimer will assign new Council Committee members. Additionally, it is anticipated City Council will review the Council Committee’s scope, composition and policy area on an annual basis. 

Each City Council Committee consists of three Council members and the Committees review policy matters to inform and educate Council on City programs prior to adoption.  

Based upon an assessment of the City Council’s vision and strategic priorities the revised Council Committees structure is to include the following Committees: 


You can review each of the Committees’ proposed scopes and identified policy matters in this presentation,  or the adopted Resolution 22-250 . If you have any questions regarding the Council Committee restructure please contact the City Clerk’s office at