New Asheville parking citation management partnership has new online payment system

Asheville Transportation Director Ken Putnam recently received this plaque from Passport Parking.

Asheville Transportation Director Ken Putnam displays a plaque from Passport Parking congratulating the City of Asheville on its
more than half a million transactions
with the online parking platform.



Enforcement officers now using real-time platform for more accurate enforcing


Got a parking ticket? Here’s information you need to know.

Passport Parking has partnered with the City of Asheville on a new parking citation management system.

Since 2012, the City has offered on-street parking payment through the PassportParking® app, a mobile pay platform. Now the company will also integrate its online parking citation system, one that provides more accuracy and convenience, integrating both the mobile pay and citation management systems together on the same platform.

People who get parking tickets still have the option to pay in person at the Asheville Parking Services office, 45 Wall St. But online payment is an easier option for many and you can even post an appeal on the platform, if you wish.

With Passport’s citation management platform, City parking enforcement officers can efficiently issue citations using wireless handheld devices and Bluetooth printers. They can also monitor parking, conduct digital chalking and upload pictures of violations in real time. The real-time data transfer functionality allows parking administrators to access citation information immediately upon ticket issuance through Passport’s back office platform. The new system also has a built-in Scofflaw violation tool to provide officers with immediate repeat offender information.

“It made sense for us to combine Passport’s mobile pay system with its citation management technology to equip our on-street enforcement officers and our parking administrators with better tools and more accurate data,” said Asheville Parking Services Manager Harry Brown. “Our goal is to improve how we make data-driven decisions and that begins with using state-of-the-art technology for a seamless account of what’s happening in our city.”

With the platform, the City not only has the ability to track enforcement officers in real-time, it can pull ticket density reports and analyze parking patterns to continuously improve parking.

“We’re excited to integrate our citation management platform with our mobile pay solution for the City of Asheville,” said Kelsey Owens, sales executive at Passport.