Neighborhood Profile – Wilshire Park

Wilshire Park is a residential community that was developed during the 1950s and 1960s in West Asheville.  The sixty acre community is adjacent to Patton Avenue and Johnston Boulevard, near Haywood Road and other connecting streets.

In 1962, the home owners organized The Wilshire Park Community Club.  These founding neighbors established club by-laws that included these community purposes which we still maintain and strive to achieve:

  1. To promote improvements and cooperate on projects which will make our community a more desirable place in which to live.
  2. To promote a community spirit which will lend to the growth of our community.
  3. To give unselfish service to our neighbors in time of need.
  4. To be an open forum for discussion of problems relating to the general welfare of the community.


The Wilshire Park Community Club supports neighbors staying in touch through community meetings, newsletters, e-mails, telephone calls, and We have an emergency contact network that allows street representatives to quickly alert the community when necessary.  We also have community “fun & family” gatherings to get acquainted and strengthen our neighborhood spirit.

wilshire-park-neighborhoodWilshire Park works closely with the City of Asheville government through our police department community resource officer, neighborhood coordinator and other departments.  This cooperation and support has been important in establishing our Neighborhood Watch, Adopt a Street litter pickup program and National Night Out event.  We have contributed to Asheville’s 2036 plan through our Plan on a Page in which we laid out our Wilshire Park Vision and roadmap for progress.

Wilshire Park’s residents are varied in age, background, perspective and family structure and are skilled in many fields including landscaping, education, music, computer skills, and editing.  This varied and rich skill pool is an untapped wealth we plan to investigate and share with one another through neighborly cooperation. We will survey and publish the skills, knowledge and gifts our neighbors would be willing to contribute to our Wilshire Park family.

The Wilshire Park Community Club will continue to be an important part of our neighborhood and help us continue to be a strong and welcoming community.

For more information on the Wilshire Park neighborhood, contact Rachel Jensen,