Multiple Asheville paving projects get under way this spring

Bond and Capital projects combine
for increased resurfacing of City streets


The month of March brings highly anticipated warmer weather and the first day of spring. For Asheville Public Works, this spring also ushers in paving season as never before.

Thanks to the bond referendum passed by Asheville voters in November 2016, the City’s investment in many modes of transportation, including resurfacing, is greatly enhanced this year. Last year was mostly a year of planning for the many sidewalk projects, greenways and resurfacing projects set forth in the bond program.


“This year, both the bonds and the increased level of Capital Improvement Funding (CIP) funding show a level of investment to the City’s transportation network unlike anything we’ve seen in recent history,” said Public Works Director Greg Shuler. “I hope that our citizens will be able to see a noticeable difference in the coming years as they navigate throughout the City, regardless of their mode of transportation.”


Please remember also that spring brings showers and sometimes storms. Resurfacing is weather dependent so the time estimates listed below may vary, due to weather.


By the numbers

The City of Asheville maintains some 411 miles of streets within the city. That brings a lot of road maintenance and resurfacing, with safety as the top priority.

Altogether, the City of Asheville is making a $6.6 million investment in road resurfacing projects in 2018 in a combination of Capital Improvement Funding (CIP) and bond funding. As mentioned before 2017 was mostly a planning year so Bond Years 1 and 2 projects are now being done this year. Here is the breakdown:

  • MLK Jr. Drive: $3 million
  • Year 1 Bond:  $1.46 million
  • Year 2 Bond:  $2.2 million



The work begins

Over the winter, the City began prep work for the repaving of the entire length of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, a nearly 1-mile stretch. This included sidewalk and stormwater repairs. Milling on the street began the week of March 12 and the repaving itself will begin soon. No full street closures are planned, though partial and full lane closures are in place to direct vehicles and pedestrians.

Another project amping up is resurfacing and sidewalk work on the South Slope. This work began in the fall, including bringing sidewalk and driveway ramps closer to ADA compliance, milling and patching the street, and paving Collier Avenue between Banks and Buxton Avenue’s, but the repaving on Banks was not completed due to weather. The paving work is planned to begin on March 19 and be completed that week (weather permitting). As for traffic control, no full street closures are planned, though partial and full lane closures will be in place to direct vehicles and pedestrians.


MLK Jr. Drive (under way now): The City will repave the entirety of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive as part of its fiscal year 2017-18 road resurfacing projects. This project will include milling the street down, laying a new gravel base, repaving of street and replacing sidewalks, gutters and stormwater pipes and driveway cut-ins.

Rogers Group has contracted to do the sidewalk and storm drainage replacement as well as the resurfacing. A subcontractor has been doing the sidewalk improvements


Banks Avenue (March-April): All preliminary work has been completed, as mentioned above. This will be the first road resurfaced by the contractor when the asphalt plants open. French Broad Paving is the contractor.


College Street (March-April):  This will be from Beaucatcher/Tunnel Road to Beaumont Street. First the street will be milled. Resurfacing will begin when the asphalt plants open for spring. The contractor, French Broad Paving, will also adjust utilities.


Other resurfacing projects this year


Contracted to French Broad Paving March – April:

  •         Schenck Parkway (previous repair through roundabout)
  •         Granada Street
  •         West Chestnut Street from Montford Avenue to Broadway
  •         College Street (Broadway to Spruce) and South Market Street (College to Court Plaza). A subcontractor will be on College late in March to replace a storm drain before resurfacing.



French Broad Paving projects April – May:

These include sidewalk and storm drainage installations or repairs as well as resurfacing.

  •         Sycamore Drive from Hendersonville Road to Sweeten Creek Road
  •         Birch Lane
  •         Cherry Street
  •         Royal Pines Drive from U.S. 25 to U.S. 25A.
  •         Old Haywood Road
  •         Beverly Road from New Haw Creek Road to Tunnel Road