Members sought for Asheville’s new Noise Advisory Board

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The City of Asheville Noise Advisory Board was established with the 2021 Noise Ordinance revisions adopted by City Council on July 27. It will have the following advisory responsibilities: 


  • Evaluate the effectiveness of Ordinance No. 4390 regarding Noise Regulation and related City policies with the goal of developing recommendations regarding amendments, additions, or deletions.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of enforcement of this article, including but not limited to response times, compliance rates, distribution of complaints, and ensuring equitable outcomes.
  • Propose long-term objectives for achieving reduction of sound levels in the community, and propose means for implementing such objectives.
  • Develop rules relative to the conduct of its meetings in accordance with City rules and policies governing advisory boards and commissions.


Noise Advisory Board Composition 

Seven members to be appointed by and serving at the pleasure of the City Council for three-year terms. The Noise Control Administrator shall serve as a nonvoting member. The Board will be called to meet upon request by a majority of the City Council.


  • Three city residents representing different geographic areas of the city.
  • One representative of the performing arts.
  • One representative of the restaurant industry.
  • One representative of the industrial or construction industry.
  • One professional in acoustic engineering or a related field.


*Please indicate any of these qualifications on your application form. Preference will be given to applicants that live in Asheville city limits.  


Please visit the City’s Boards and Commissions webpage or contact the City Clerk’s Office at for an application form. 


The deadline for applications for these openings is 5 p.m. October 4.