Mayor issues proclamation for National Public Works Week

Mark Allen works on an Asheville Public Works crew fixing a pothole.

May 15  kicks off National Public Works week.


This week is a chance for communities across the country to recognize the people of Public Works and all they do to keep their cities running every day. Join us in recognizing the substantial contributions made in protecting our national health, safety, and quality of life

Asheville’s Public Works Department has the community covered with their Sanitation, Stormwater and Streets teams, supported by fleet and asset management. It’s a big umbrella, bringing together talented staff to deal with a kind of “quiet” work that often goes unnoticed. They are the fourth most numerous Department in the City of Asheville, with a lot of highly specialized team members.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the tireless efforts of First Responders and essential workers were crucial to keep our safety, health and wellbeing. This 62 National Public Works week is  a way to express our gratitude to them.  




At the May 10, 2022 City Council meeting, Asheville Mayor Esther Manheimer, took a moment to recognize this work, proclaiming May 15 – 21, 2022 as National Public Works Week. Several Public Works team members from across divisions were on hand to receive the honor. 



Mayor Manheimer proclaims National Public Works Week

Valerie Welbourn – Stormwater Interim Project Manager
Sofia Bonilla – PW Admin Special Projects Coordinator
Bernard McDowell – 26 years : Streets Utility Cut Crew Supervisor
Will Rumley – PW Admin Asset & GIS Manager
Terrelle Bowen – Sanitation Worker II
Daniel Moffitt – Streets Equipment Operator II
Keith Leader – Fleet Inventory Specialist
Greg Shuler – Director Public Works

The Public Works Department provides essential core services that include :

  • construction  
  • maintenance of City streets, sidewalks
  • maintenance of stormwater infrastructure
  • solid waste management


Thanks to our teams, you can go about your daily routine without having to worry about many inconveniences. In case of an emergency,  just report an issue on the The Asheville App or call 828-251-1122, and Public Works will get to work.


A Day in the life


A day in the life of the Public Works Department looks more like an orchestra: coordinated movements by different divisions culminating in one grand movement that keeps Asheville humming along. At any given time you can find staff out in the field performing inspections, focusing on capital projects efforts, patching emergency utility cuts, or on call for emergencies.. The department has rotating crews working on pipe installation, street  resurfacing and addressing immediate safety hazards such as downed trees and potholes. The Sanitation Division is collecting trash and recycling as scheduled throughout the community. Sanitation staff also responds to code enforcement requests and collects all our garbage and large brush piles with the claw truck. And don’t forget bear trash cans!




The Public Works Department of the City of Asheville works hard everyday to ensure all services are provided to Asheville citizens and visitors in a prompt, professional, efficient, and safe manner. 

The dedicated employees of the Public Works Department strive to provide these services equitably to all neighborhoods in a manner that reflects our emphasis on quality customer service, environmental stewardship, fiscal responsibility, and transparency. 


Please join us in recognizing staff and celebrating National Public Works week all next week.