Keep fallen leaves from clogging Asheville stormwater drainage systems

person raking leaves with rake

It’s the first day of fall, September 22! And trees will start shedding their leaves soon. The City of Asheville asks you to help keep brush and leaves from entering the City’s storm drainage system using these effective tips:

  •  Place brush and bagged leaves on the curb not in the street or on sidewalks by 7 a.m. on the morning of collection.
  •  Place leaves, pine needles and other small yard waste in open bags or containers marked “brush or leaves.”
  •  The following items will not be collected: painted or treated wood, tree stumps, grass clippings and yard waste.

Brush, leaves and yard waste clogs the stormwater drainage system and pollutes our waterways. Never throw or sweep debris into a storm drain.  Be responsible for proper disposal!

For more information, visit the City of Asheville’s Brush and Leaf Collection webpage, where you can find information on collection schedules, composting tips and other options for disposing of fallen leaves.