Introducing the New Active Transportation Committee

Wilma Dykeman Greenway skaters and bicyclists
Skaters and bicyclists enjoy an afternoon on on the Wilma Dykeman Greenway, where they are often joined by families with children and dogs.

The City of Asheville would like to announce the formation of the City of Asheville’s Active Transportation Committee! Composed of dedicated individuals passionate about enhancing the city’s infrastructure for pedestrians, bicyclists, and all forms of wheeled human transportation, the committee is set to make a significant impact on the accessibility, safety, and interconnectedness of our transportation options. The Multimodal Transportation Commission created the Active Transportation Committee (ATC) on November 15, 2023; the ATC supersedes the former Greenway Committee and Bicycle/Pedestrian Task Force.

Mission and Focus: The Active Transportation Committee is on a mission to advise the Multimodal Transportation Commission and City staff on matters related to greenways, bike and micro-mobility facilities, and sidewalks within Asheville. With a commitment to upholding human dignity through promoting safe and connected transportation choices, the committee aims to be a driving force in shaping a more accessible and sustainable city.

Membership and Appointment: The committee is composed of at least seven and up to eleven members, each appointed by the Multimodal Transportation Commission. These dedicated individuals serve a three-year term, during which they work collaboratively to advocate for the needs of our diverse community.

Meeting Details: We invite you to be part of the conversation! The Active Transportation Committee meets on the first Thursday of each month from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The meetings take place in the Police/Fire Training Room on the fourth floor of the Municipal Building at 100 Court Plaza.

For more information, visit our Active Transportation Committee page.