‘Green Scavenger Hunt’ debuts at Bele Chere

ASHEVILLE – This year’s Bele Chere festival is going beyond dancing, music, and art — it’s going green.

Festival attendees can participate in the first Green Scavenger Hunt and earn a prize by tracking the green leaf icons on the Bele Chere 2011 brochure maps that will direct them to Green Scavenger Hunt sites.

Attendees can take a photo with their smartphone or write down the answers to clues at each site.

The scavenger hunt highlights green initiatives of the festival, as well as throughout downtown Asheville. These initiatives comprise solar panels positioned on a local restaurant’s rooftop, an electric car exhibit provided by the N.C. Division of Air Quality, “green” secrets of Asheville food vendors, and the new interactive recycling kiosk located at the Civic Center.

Featuring a photo booth, a “green quiz,” and recycling video, the kiosk creates a fun recycling experience. The interactive recycling kiosk was designed and constructed in partnership with A-B Tech’s Sustainable Technology Program.

The kiosk encourages users to be social and to do good by recycling, while at the same time taking and sharing your photo via Facebook, Twitter and email.

To win a prize, participants can go to the City of Asheville Recycling Booth in the Civic Center to reveal their photos / clue answers they collected during the Green Scavenger Hunt.

Prizes will be awarded to the first 300 participants.