‘Goatscaping’ returns, this time near pedestrian bridge

More than two dozen goats helped to remove weeds and brush on the ridge behind the Human Ecology Building at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on July 27 -28, 2011. A subcontractor working at the site hired the goals through a company in Wisconsin's Kenosha County that offers a grazing service and promises an extremely low-carbon hoof print. (Photo by Bryce Richter / UW-Madison)

Early next week, the City of Asheville launches its third “goatscaping” project, this time in the area between Stephens-Lee community Center’s Edible Garden and the pedestrian bridge on South Charlotte Street. This map shows the area where the goats will be clearing brush: Goat grazing site, Edible Garden.

Our goal is to clear underbrush directly around the pedestrian bridge abutments as well as the surrounding area in an effort to make the area feel safer for pedestrians. The area was determined to be appropriate for goat grazing and that the vegetation is still active enough to feed the goats.

The City will put up a temporary fence as soon as this Saturday, Nov. 21, and will move the goats in as soon as Monday, Nov. 23.

We plan to clear the East side of the pedestrian bridge first then move the goats to the West side. Unlike the City’s last goat grazing project the goats will graze during the day only. They will be rounded up and removed from the site at dark.

Depending on how things go over the next few weeks we plan on putting the goats back on this location in early spring next year.

Evidence seems to show that two or three heavy grazing periods nearly kills back the root systems of most invasive species.

Earlier this year, goats were used to clear brush on the Hominy Creek Greenway.