Gated parking resumes at Marjorie and Valley Street parking lots

City Hall parking
Two City of Asheville employee parking lots are situated behind City Hall, on Marjorie and Valley streets.



The City of Asheville provides dedicated parking for City staff at two surface lots, one on Marjorie Street and the other on Valley Street behind City Hall. During the COVID pandemic, these lots have been open to the public 24/7. As City Hall has reopened, the gates to these lots are now closed again during business hours and available only to City staff.

Occasionally members of the public who use these parking lots in the evenings and/or on weekends do not move their vehicles, which can create a shortage of parking spaces available to City staff.

Starting Nov. 9, vehicles that remain in the lot after the gates are lowered could be issued a parking citation, ensuring that parking remains available for employees.

City staff have been issued parking permits for both of these lots. Vehicles not displaying a permit during the day are also at risk of receiving a citation.


Find parking

Visit the Find Parking site embedded on the Asheville App to find real-time information about available parking spaces in City and Buncombe County parking garages. The Asheville App is a free downloadable smart device application.

For more resource information, visit the Asheville Parking Services webpage.