Video: Amboy Road’s flashing beacon signal

Notice anything different on Amboy Road? The flashing beacon pedestrian crosswalk signal has been installed! The “Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacon,” or RRFB, has been installed near the Smoky Mountain Adventure Center.

City Traffic Engineer Jeff Moore worked on this safety solution in partnership with NCDOT, Public Works Street Division and other City departments. In coming weeks, the Transportation Department will install a crosswalk. The Streets Division has just completed the concrete sidewalk and ADA accessible ramp for the crosswalk.


Please STOP!

Motorists who drive through this area will need to get used to the new traffic control addition. So spread the word: It’s here. Please STOP for pedestrians when the beacon is flashing!

The beacon and crosswalk cost $8,000, paid for in part by Buncombe County Tourism Development Authority (TDA) funding.

Once the Amboy Road beacon gets established, Moore hopes to add others in the City. “This will be the first of many, I hope,” he said. “It’s an effective device, especially in this context, on a two-way road.”




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It’s called a beacon and it’s coming to Amboy Road