Firestorm Bookstore, Steady Collective and City of Asheville reach agreement, notices of violation rescinded

We wanted to provide an update on the Notices of Violation to Firestorm Bookstore and Steady Collective.


The City of Asheville has rescinded the Notices of Violation to Firestorm Bookstore and Steady Collective at 610 Haywood Road. In August 2018, the City determined that the use of the syringe exchange program provided by Steady Collective in a meeting room at Firestorm Bookstore was most similar to what is defined as a “shelter” in the City’s Unified Development Ordinance.  A shelter is not an allowable zoning use at 610 Haywood Road.


Following discussions with the operators of Steady Collective, they have agreed to formalize their commitment to have a medical professional on site during the hours of operation.  Based on this agreement, the City’s Zoning Administrator has determined that this syringe exchange program is most similar to a medical clinic instead of a shelter. A medical clinic is an allowable use for this location in the City’s Unified Development Ordinance.


The City of Asheville will have an inclusionary process to determine where syringe exchange programs should be located in the City.


We understand that people are concerned about public health and safety in the West Asheville community. Along with the Buncombe County Health and Human Services, the City will work to address public health issues associated with syringe litter, cleanliness and safety throughout the community, including the Haywood Road Corridor.


Earlier information: Interim City Manager updated community regarding West Asheville notices of violation