APD: Keep school bus safety in mind, as some students are still attending classes

mom holds young student's hand as she walks him from school bus


A new mode of school is now in session for Asheville students, but officers with the Asheville Police Department Traffic Safety Unit (TSU) say the same safety measures apply.


“Students and school buses on the roads haven’t just been gone for the summer — it has been even longer,” said APD Traffic Safety Unit Sergeant Scott Pruett. “We want to remind drivers to be aware of the school bus stop law and to be aware that although many students are involved in remote learning, others in the Buncombe County School District who are part of Plan B Beyond are attending class.”


Traffic safety reminders during morning and afternoon commutes:

  • Reduce your speed. Always assume there are students present during school hours and obey the posted reduced speed limit signs in school zones.
  • Yield to pedestrians, especially in a crosswalk or school zone.
  • Watch for children walking or bicycling (both on the road and the sidewalk) in areas near a school, bus stop and crosswalks.
  • Stop for a school bus with its flashing lights on and stop arm extended. Never pass a school bus from behind or from either direction if you’re on an undivided road or a road with less than four lanes.
  • Don’t drive distracted. It is never more important to pay attention than when children are present. A small delay in reaction from a driver could be fatal for a pedestrian.